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Dual Degree Program: Juris Doctor/MSW

Think and do the extraordinary through our new dual-degree program.

JD/MSW Information Session, 10/25/2023 

Program Overview

The mutual interest of NC State and Campbell Law School is to promote integration of the fields of law and social work; thus, augmenting the career preparation and positioning for success. The dual degree is a collaboration, which fosters the mutual interest of having students engage in interprofessional education opportunities that takes place in community-based agencies and the “court of law”.

The dual degree program enables students to earn both degrees in a potentially shortened duration of full-time study, rather than the usual five years.  The goal of the innovative dual degree program is to facilitate integrated learning that will provide firsthand knowledge and experience in law and social work.  The dual program accommodates students considering practice areas in law, government, nonprofit organizations, teaching, and research.  Both institutions have a mutual interest in preparing students who wish to combine social work knowledge and intervention skills with legal knowledge and advocacy skills to better serve their clients.

Earn Your Degrees From Two Highly Respected Universities


Students interested in advocating for social work causes may want to consider the dual JD/MSW degree, offered in partnership with NC State University and Campbell Law. This is a desirable degree option, as few professionals have the opportunity to earn both degrees at the same time. Depending on the student, this degree option can result in significant time and tuition cost savings!

No. Applicants will be required to apply and be accepted for admission to each graduate program, independently. Prospective MSW/JD dual degree students will need to complete the Campbell Law School application and have three recommendation letters along with their undergraduate transcripts submitted to both the School of Social Work to the Campbell Law School admissions office(s). Undergraduate transcripts must reflect the completion of all necessary degree prerequisite to earn the BSW degree. Applicants are encouraged to contact Campbell Law School to discuss exemption from undergraduate prerequisite course requirement.

The LSAT is required for admission to Campbell Law School.  It is offered 4 times a year (June, Sept., Dec., and Feb.) and can be accessed at their website.

Campbell Law School and NC State have rolling admissions. However, if you wish to be considered for early decision the application is due by November 15 (Campbell) and January 5 (NC State).

The student will pay full tuition and fees at the school in which he or she is currently taking classes. For this dual degree program, students will only take classes at one school at any given time.

  •  Initially, students will complete the first-year JD program and their MSW curriculum. In the latter segment, they focus on the final year of the JD program, completing the requirements for both programs. 
  •  See below for a breakdown of the JD/MSW curriculum schedule by school, and review the application process page for instructions on how to apply.

     Degree Requirements
     81 units: Campbell Law School
     30 units: NC State School of Social Work

To ask additional questions about this dual degree option, please contact our Coordinator, Professor Sontina Barnes, by email.

Professor Sontina Barnes, JD/MSW

Above: Professor Sontina Barnes, JD