Our faculty and staff are dedicated to helping you succeed here at NC State. Whether you’re a BSW or an MSW student, you will be assigned to an advisor. BSW students get advisor assignments at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters; MSW students receive theirs in April. All advisors are trained to assist you in planning your academic career at NC State.

Advising Philosophy

Advising is a partnership between you and your advisor that is grounded in frequent and ongoing communication regarding personal goals, self-knowledge and information concerning the social work profession, your studies, and  how university policies pertain to you and your academic career. Social work advisors do not prescribe answers for you; they prompt you with questions and resources necessary to explore your unique interests, abilities and values, and to help you set – and reach – your academic and career goals. Though academic advising is a collaborative process, the ultimate responsibility for your educational experience resides with you. Your advisor is your very valuable guide.

Graduate Plan of Work

For MSW Students Only

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Student-Advisor Relations

Every student is assigned an academic advisor, who may be a professional staff advisor or a faculty advisor. It is your advisor’s responsibility to provide you with information about academic requirements and procedures and to assist you in planning your academic program. Take advantage of the support your advisor can provide. Go to see your advisor early and get to know them. Be aware that if you have a problem or a question that you want your advisor to help with, it will usually be up to you to approach the advisor. They will not know you need help unless you ask for it.

Remember, your advisor is a resource to assist you in achieving your academic and professional goals. As such, please treat your advising appointments as professional meetings and maintain proper language and tone when communicating via email, phone and/or Skype. This professional relationship will help you prepare for your field placements and your career. 

Incoming students are given the names of their advisors, or may look them up on your personal Student Center page in the MyPack Portal website. If you do not see the name of your advisor in MyPack, please contact the coordinator of advising for your program (see below).

BSW: Academic Advising Coordinator - Ms. Paige L. Moore

BSW/MSW: Program Manager - Mr. Anthony Bennett

MSW: Academic Services Coordinator - Mr. Daniel Corn

Despite the role played by your advisor, primary responsibility for planning your individual program and for meeting academic requirements and deadlines resides with you. You must stay informed about satisfactory academic progress by consulting MyPack Portal periodically to track your progress toward graduation. Contact your academic advisor if you find problems. Seek assistance as soon as a problem arises. 

Please keep in mind that your advising appointment is an individual meeting between the advisor and the student. This means that all meetings will take place one-on-one unless you request the presence or advisement of another faculty member. Friends and family members will be asked to wait while the advisor meets with the student.

In addition to your advisor, the college’s Academic Support Center offers walk-in advising between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM Monday through Friday in Caldwell Lounge during the academic year. These advisors can help with navigating  MyPack Portal, registration procedures, GEP requirements, college and university policies, degree requirements and university resources. The center is not a replacement for your advisor.