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Room Reservations

Reservation Calendar: 1911 Building Rooms 126/127 and 138

The School of Social Work maintains two spaces in the 1911 Building that can be reserved for public, student and faculty use. Reservation requests can be submitted using the scheduling tool below. For assistance using the scheduling tool, please call the School of Social Work at 919-515-2492. 

Please note that the rooms are available for use from 8-6 p.m. Please come by the School of Social Work Main Office in room 205 to sign out the room key shortly before your event. Please consider the time needed to set – up for your event when making your reservation.

Technology Requirements

Should you have any technology needs or technology assistance needs during your reservation (webcam, skype, conference call), please notify the School of Social Work 24 – 48 hours prior to the start of your room reservation.

All technology requests can be emailed to the School of Social Work at

Email: if you are emailing a technology requirement or assistance request, please include your name, reserved room and date in the subject line following the words “TECHNOLOGY/ASSISTANCE REQUEST” in all caps. This assures that your email will not be overlooked in the School of Social Work inbox.

Example: TECHNOLOGY/ASSISTANCE REQUEST: John Doe Room XXX Reservation on MM/DD/YYYY from 00:00 AM/PM TO 00:00 AM/PM.

Room Capacity

Please keep the room capacity of each room in mind when planning your reservation. Suggested capacity of rooms:

Room 126/127 = 10 persons

Room 138 = 15 persons