Graduation Information

The Fall 2017 graduation ceremony for the Department of Social Work is on Thursday, December 14th, 2017 at 6:00 PM in the auditorium of the Hunt Library on Centennial Campus.

Please scroll down for further directions and details. 

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Graduation Ceremony Information

Tickets & Guests 

Guests must have a ticket to attend the ceremony. For information regarding tickets, please email Mr. Daniel Corn

Parking & Directions

The Department of Social Work Fall 2017 Graduation Ceremony will take place in the Hunt Library Auditorium on Centennial Campus. Please be aware that highway construction in southeast Raleigh on I-40 to U.S. 1 in Cary may contribute to traffic delays as you travel to and from NC State graduation ceremonies and events. Click Here to check on congestion so you can “Know Before You Go."​​ 

Parking Information

Campus parking is free and open to the public after 5:00 PM on weekdays and throughout the weekend, with a few posted exceptions. With the graduation ceremony beginning at 4:00 PM, attendees will need to pay by the space for the first hour or so, parking will be free beginning at 5:00 PM. 

For more information, please visit the NC State Transportation page for Visitor Parking.

Directions Coming Soon

Address: TBA

Congratulations Graduates!

Graduation Details

In order you secure your graduation clearance, you must:

  • Confirm Graduation Application procedures and complete any college or departmental paperwork with your advisor, including completing your Graduate Plan of Work (for MSW Students only).
  • Complete the online Graduation Application (Graduation Application Help Guide) in MyPack Portal.
  • Confirm that you have fulfilled all requirements for your degree.
  • If applying for a minor, speak with your Minor Advisor (for BSW students only).

Once you have applied to graduate, please do the following to prepare for Graduation Day: 

  • Purchase your graduation apparel: Your robes, mortarboard and tassel can be purchased through the NC State Bookstore. Preordering is only required for special needs and those orders should be made 4 – 6 months prior to your graduation date. Photo ID is required for apparel purchases. For more information about apparel and announcements please visit the Apparel, Grad Announcements & Diploma Frames Page.
  • Check your FERPA/Privacy Block settings: We can only print your name in the graduation program if you have either removed the privacy block completely or if you have a full privacy block, you allow a release for certain publications (graduation materials).  If you do not remove your privacy block or allow a release for publications, we will not print your name in the graduation program, however, your name will still be called during the departmental graduation ceremony. Students can check their FERPA settings in Mypack Portal. Click here for information on how to remove your privacy block. 
    • Students can also remove their privacy block using the following pathways: ‘For Students’ tab > ‘Personal Information’ > ‘Privacy Settings’ > FERPA Restrictions’ OR ‘Student Center’ > ‘Personal Information’ > ‘Privacy Settings’. ‘Edit FERPA/Directory Restrictions’. Select which fields, if any, you would like to restrict. ‘Save’
  • Check your name and address: Your official North Carolina State University diplomas will be mailed to the address that appears in MyPack Portal. If you have any financial holds on your account, you will not receive your diploma until they have been resolved. Diplomas will be mailed to you about a month after graduation.Your Diploma will have on it the name that you have saved as your name in MyPack Portal.
  • Special Recognition: The Department of Social Work enjoys recognizing our students for their accomplishments. Therefore, If you are a veteran, scholar, Phi Alpha or other honor society member, please have your designated representative email Ms. Paige Moore to ensure that you your accomplishments are recognized in the graduation program. 
  • Special Access Needs:  Be sure to email Ms. Paige Moore if you or your graduation guests have any special access needs. 
  • Slideshow Photo Submission: Once graduates have removed their privacy block, they will need to send a headshot photo along with cohort photos/photos at field placements to Ms. Paige Moore for the graduation slideshow. All photos will be screened to ensure that they are appropriate for the intended audience. If a student does not send a personal headshot photo, their student ID photo will be used. ​​​​​​​

NC State University Commencement Information

Fall 2017 Graduation Dates and Deadlines

Apply for GraduationGraduation Application Closes: 10/27/2017Directions can be found here.
Remove Privacy BlockYour name will not appear in the graduation program if you do not remove
your privacy block.
Instructions for removing privacy block
Contribute to Class GiftConsider donating to the class gift, use link for more information.Class gift information
Submit Grade ExclusionsIf you have not used your grade exclusions, you will need to do so BEFORE you complete your graduation application.Directions can be found here.
Submit Information for Name Change
and address confirmation.
Ensure that your name in MyPack Portal is correct, as that is how it will appear on your diploma. Check your address as that is where your diploma will be mailed. BEFORE graduation application has been submitted.Directions can be found here.
Purchase Graduation AttirePurchase at the bookstore.
Price for complete set: $52.95, Honors Stoles: $27.00
AFTER graduation application has been
BSW Speaker PollPoll sent to graduating students to vote for BSW speaker.9/15/2017
BSW Speaker PollPoll for BSW Speaker Closes at 5:00 PM9/22/2017
BSW Speaker EmailNominated BSW speaker receives notification email.9/25/2017
BSW Speaker Accept/DeclineNominated BSW speaker to notify Department of Social Work if he/she has
accepted or declined the opportunity to speak at graduation.
BSW SpeakerFall 2017 graduates notified as to who speaker will be.10/2/2017
Apply for GraduationGraduation Application Closes10/27/2017
Honor Society, Student
Organizations and VA Office
Contact your honor society, student organization officers,and/or VA rep and
make sure they have your name on a list to submit to
by the deadline. Make sure that you have requested any stoles,
cords or other graduation regalia they might provide.
Remove Privacy BlockLast day to remove privacy block10/27/2017
BSW Speaker Draft DueDraft of speech due. Send to plmoore2@ncsu.edu11/3/2017
Graduation AttireLast date to notify the Department of Social Work that you will need
assistance purchasing graduation attire. (Cap, gown, etc.)
Send to:
Graduation Guest AttendanceAll questions directed to: dpcorn@ncsu.edu12/1/2017
Honors and Organization Fall 2015
Graduates List Submission Deadline
Deadline for honor society and student organizations to submit list of
graduates for graduation program recognition.Send to:
Special Access NeedsEmail with any special access needs requests. Either
personal (BSW graduate) or family member/graduation attendee needs. If,
for example, a wheelchair is required please be sure to specify.
BSW Photo Submission DateLast day to submit personal photo and BSW cohort photos for graduation
slideshow. If a graduate does not send a photo, the student's ID photo on
file will be used. Photos will not be accepted after this date.
Send to:
BSW Speech DueFinal copy of BSW speech due. Send to: plmoore2@ncsu.edu12/1/2017
Department of Social Work
Graduation Ceremony
Hunt Library Auditorium, 4:00 PM. 
Email Daniel Corn for all ticket questions:
NC State Graduation CeremonyInstructions from NC State.12/15/2017

The Department of Social Work Appreciates any and all cap and gown donations for future graduating students!