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Future Scholars Power Hour Brings Interest to MSW Program

What better way to learn about a program than from the students currently enrolled in it? That was the thought that sparked the idea for a new recruitment event at the SSW.

The Future SSW Wolfpack Scholars “Ask Me Anything Power Hour” event was held November 29, 2023 for potential Master of Social Work students to gain first hand knowledge and perspectives from current students.

The event featured a panel of MSW students, including moderation by Bethel Maekele, the Graduate Research Assistant who organized the event. The panel covered program expectations, networking, community at the SSW, and self care while in the program.

With over 25 potential students in attendance, the program was highly engaging for both the panelists and the attendees.

Words used to describe the program included, “inspiring, capable, empowering, impactful, hopeful, illuminating, appreciating, and refreshing”.

Moderator Bethel Maekele commented, “Connecting with 25+ potential students and hearing the wisdom and advice from our current MSW students was a powerful experience. Attendees from all around the United States, with a variety of majors, asked a wide array of transparent and vulnerable questions.”