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Information for Agencies

We enjoy our partnerships with all of our practicum agency-based internship sites and welcome partnerships with new agencies. Our BSW and MSW graduates often share that their practicum internship is what they remember and treasure most about their Social Work education.

Becoming a Practicum Agency

Individuals usually become a practicum instructor (aka supervisor) by virtue of being employed in an approved practicum instruction agency where the NC State School of Social Work places students or by initiating a request for practicum instructor status and student placement. Practicum supervisors for MSW students should have an MSW and two years of experience. Only in a clinical setting is the supervisor required to have LCSW. Practicum instructors for BSW students may have BSW or MSW and two years of experience.

In most practicum agencies, an individual is designated by the agency to communicate with the Social Work School in reference to the identification and placement of students in that setting. Information about placement setting, the number of students an agency can accommodate, and identification of potential practicum instructors (supervisors) is communicated to the Social Work School practicum coordinators. All students must interview with the agency to determine the goodness of fit. The practicum coordinator will work with the agency practicum instructor and the student to determine the best time for the interview. If the student and agency decide that it is a good fit the practicum instructor and student contact the practicum coordinator to finalize the process.

Practicum Agency Instructor/Supervisor Resources