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About the MSW Program

Department of Social Work Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Social Work is to prepare students for practice that is sensitive to the social, economic, cultural, demographic and political contexts that shape our state and beyond.  Within a framework emphasizing professional ethics, social justice, diversity, strengths and community engagement, the Department seeks to equip students for leadership roles and effective practice.

Description of the MSW Program

Our MSW program equips students with the skills for advanced generalist social work practice. The advanced generalist model is designed for preparing practitioners with (1) the knowledge and the skills to respond to a wide range of human difficulties and diverse client populations in a multitude of settings, (2) an ethical commitment to advocate for under-served and oppressed populations, and (3) the ability to respond creatively to the need for additional programs and services.

Goals and objectives

Socially Responsible Practice

  • Apply ethical practice principles presented by the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics.
  • Identify the mechanisms of privilege, power, and oppression.
  • Practice without discrimination and with respect for human diversity.
  • Explain the history of social welfare and its links to current practice, programs, and policy.

Competent Practice

  • Apply knowledge and skills of the generalist social work perspective with client systems of different sizes, and advanced practice skills in the selected concentration area.
  • Work with and in organizations and program delivery systems.
  • Use supervision and consultation.
  • Evaluate own practice.

Leadership in Multiple Practice Environments

  • Apply strategies of advocacy and social change to advance social justice.
  • Assess impact of policies and procedures.
  • Design practice approaches.
  • Apply strategies of managing interpersonal and intergroup relations.

Production and Dissemination of Knowledge

  • Determine when research and evaluation are warranted.
  • Evaluate and apply research studies to practice.
  • Conduct ethical research and evaluation of practice.
  • Disseminate research findings in a socially responsible manner.


Since February 2009, the MSW program at NC State has been accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). The program was reaccredited for eight years in February 2013. The CSWE Commission on Accreditation is the sole body authorized to accredit social work education programs in the United States. For information on the Assessment of Practice Competencies, please click here.