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Preparing the Next Generation of Mental Health Workers
Too many young people are at risk for mental health and substance abuse issues. And not enough trained professionals are there to help them, especially in rural areas. [...]
IASWG Symposium
The International Association for Social Work with Groups, Inc. (IASWG) will host its annual symposium on June 4th through the 7th of 2015 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. [...]
Success for the Department's 2014 Volunteer and Career Fair
On Wednesday, September 17th the Social Work Department hosted the much anticipated Volunteer/Career fair! Every fall the Social Work Department, in partnership with local agencies and partners, puts this event on as a way for students to connect with community collaborators on a professional basis. [...]
Department of Social Work Faculty & Staff Accept ALS Ice-Bucket Challenge
The Department of Social Work Faculty and Staff were recently challenged by Laurie Messinger of UNCW to complete the ALS ice bucket challenge. Dr. Karen Bullock, Head of the Department of Social Work, accepted the challenge along with faculty members Kim Andreaus, Allen Ellis, Dr. Willa Casstevens, and Dr. Jodi Hall. [...]

Welcome to the North Carolina State University Department of Social Work

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    Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

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    Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work News

A Day in a Different Life: Dean for a Day

Dean Jeff Braden became a social work student for a day, handing over leadership of Humanities and Social Sciences to Caterina Schenck. Student Braden and Dean Schenck share their experiences -- that included an educational summit with UNC President Tom Ross, NC State Chancellor Randy Woodson, Governor McCrory and others -- and their insights in this post.

College Dean Jeff Braden will switch places with social work student Caterina Schenck on January 28. He'll take her classes and have lunch with her friends, while she runs the college. It's the annual Dean for a Day event. [...]