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The School of Social Work is housed in NC State’s historic 1911 Building overlooking the Court of North Carolina. Our main office is on the second floor of the 1911 Building, suite 205. We are located on North Campus, and set slightly back from Hillsborough Street. The street address is 10 Current Drive, accessible by car with parking permits for North Campus. There is a small faculty/staff parking lot between the north entrance of the 1911 Building and Hillsborough Street. When standing at the intersection of Chamberlain Street and Hillsborough Street, look directly across Hillsborough Street, and you will see the 1911 Building.

Parking for Visitors

Campus visitors coming to orientations, campus tours, or long meetings should park in the Reynolds Coliseum Parking Deck, Dan Allen Parking Deck, or in the visitor pay lots.  

Please be aware that all parking spots on campus (other than the visitor pay lots) require a parking permit.

If you are visiting the 1911 Building for advising or a short meeting (2 hours or less), the metered parking on Hillsborough Street is a simpler option. It is $0.25 per 15 minutes, up to two hours. Quarters and Visa/MC are accepted. If no spaces are available, the Logan Court Parking Lot (not operated by NC State), is accessible off of Logan Drive, behind Bruegger’s Bagels. It is $2 per hour, or $10 for all day. The machine accepts quarters, bills, and Visa/MC. It does NOT give change, however.

On campus parking is free after 5:00 PM and on the weekends.

NC State Transportation Information Page for Visitors

Paid Parking on Campus for Visitors

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School of Social Work, NC State University

1911 Building, Main Office, Room 205, Campus Box 7639

Raleigh, North Carolina 27695-7639

Telephone: 919-515-2492


Fax: 919-515-4403

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Correspondence and Direct Delivery

Mailing Address

School of Social Work, NC State University

10 Current Drive, Campus Box 7639

1911 Building, Main Office,Room 205

Raleigh NC, 27695

The Historic 1911 Building

The Victorian building with a broad Doric verandah (the cream-colored columns are made of brick) had a total area of 45,008 square feet. Originally, it was the largest dormitory in the South. The Class of 1911, which effectively banned the practice of hazing new freshman, impressed faculty members to such a degree that the new dormitory was named in its honor.

When freshmen entered NC State in 1907, it was a popular practice throughout American campuses for upperclassmen to harass new students through rough discipline and humiliating initiations. Tired of the stunts, the Class of 1911 challenged all of the sophomores "to align themselves on opposite sides of Red Diamond [Pullen Park], and at a signal, lunge at each other with weapons limited to bare fists." The confrontation relaxed much of the tension for the rest of the year. In addition, the Class of 1911 vowed never to haze students, and observed their promise, causing a "landmark in the history of the college."

Class officers who participated in the achievement were President O. M. Sigman, who died in W.W.I; Vice-President J. W. Rollinson, who later worked with the Savannah Electric and Power Company; Secretary-Treasurer E. R. McCracken Graham, a textile specialist with the U.S. government; Historian J. P. Quinerly Grifton, a farm agent with the Agricultural Extension Service; and Poet J. M. Beal, later professor of botany at the Universities of Mississippi and Chicago and chairman of the board of Encyclopedia Britannica.

Constructed as dorm for 130 students; originally one of the largest dorms in the South.

Wings added to north and south ends to accommodate 110 additional students.

Student population declines during World War II; dorm converted to offices and classrooms; Extension Service, Rural Sociology, Engineering, and Veterans Administration are first tenants.

College Student Union offices move in.

Various offices move out; Social Studies, Music, radio station, Agromeck and other student publications move in.

Various offices move in and out of 1911 Building, including Industrial Education, career counseling, purchasing, Foreign Languages and Literatures, and the Sea Grant program.

Following extensive renovations, the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Department of Social Work, and CHASS Interdisciplinary Programs take up residence.

Building Details:

Built: 1909

Renovated: 2008

Square Footage: 49,884

Architect: H.P.S. Keller